What We Do


As a full-service consultant, EFG’s major function is to help its clients obtain all eligible E-rate funds. At the same time, EFG will take over the bulk of the E-rate work from clients who are overloaded with too many additional and essential tasks. Because of all the compliance requirements involved with this Federal program, those who do not have sufficient, specific expertise in the full range of E-rate compliances gain immensely from EFG’s services. Here is a partial list of what Educational Funding Group, Inc. does for its clients:

  1. Survey of technology infrastructure for overall fit with E-rate rules and eligible services;
  2. Review of E-rate program for all interested administrators and staff;
  3. Review of major E-rate rules and rules changes with school or library staff;
  4. Review of NSLP/CEP data to ensure appropriate discounts are obtained
  5. Ensuring the client / applicant is correctly set up in the EPC portal and that EFG has the proper permissions to proceed
  6. Filing of all online application forms and attachments in the EPC and manually for other required submittals
  7. Establishment of a unique site for vendor responses to the applicant during the FCC Form 470 bidding period
  8. Responses to inquiries from vendors during E-rate bidding phase
  9. Submit required service substitutions and authorized vendor SPIN changes
  10. Responses to E-rate audits such as PIAs, Selective Reviews, Cost-Effectiveness Reviews, PQA, BCAP and Site Audits
  11. Filing of required on-line forms for invoicing USAC for reimbursements including BEAR’s (FCC Form 472) and Good Samaritans
  12. Communications with applicant’s vendors regarding bids, proposals, contracts, invoices, billings
  13. Reconciliation of reimbursements with clients to assure all money has been received
  14. Filing of waivers and/or appeals should E-rate not fund items which EFG believes should have been fundable for the applicant
  15. Retention of all E-rate related documents for a minimum of 10 years
  16. Tracking of Category 2 budget money on a building by building basis
  17. Annual Review of E-rate results and strategies for next funding year