EDUCATIONAL FUNDING GROUP, INC. (EFG) is a full-service E-rate consulting company that specializes in getting school districts, libraries and consortiums through the E-rate funding maze. With new clients, EFG’s first task is to learn about their technology infrastructure, services, and needs. A review is made of past E-rate history, including free and reduced lunch data (National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) practices. This exploratory work helps prepare EFG in its role as the client’s virtual E-rate staff.


The E-rate program was modernized during funding year 2015-16 and now requires the use of an online portal system, EPC (E-rate Productivity Center), for almost all funding requests, audit responses and invoicing procedures. EFG submits all of the required information, via the complex set of on-line forms, on time. EFG then responds to SLD/USAC questions as they arise whether for audits or other inquiries. And, because EFG knows the “Eligible Services Lists” thoroughly, funding opportunities are fully utilized. Clients often receive more funding (even after consulting fees), spend substantially less time responding to ongoing audits and inquiries and do not get tripped up by “interestingly worded” questions causing funding denials. Clients have all of their required forms and invoices submitted on time, and feel more in control of the E-rate process because of EFG’s support.


When necessary, EFG will request filing extensions (especially when the EPC system is less than cooperative) and file for appeals or for waivers with either USAC or the FCC, as appropriate. Our in-house, expert E-rate attorney has over a decade of continuous E-rate experience and provides both extensive compliance support and written arguments when we believe that you, the applicant, are in the right versus either USAC or the FCC. Our attorney’s track record is excellent!