Many school and library personnel assigned to the E-rate function do not have enough time to keep up with the paperwork and compliance demands of the Federal E-rate program without limiting their efforts for other essential and required tasks. To this end, Educational Funding Group, Inc. (EFG) provides a full-service approach to E-rate and acts as “virtual” staff members for its clients.


Our clients used to spend dozens of hours on E-rate applications and audit responses only to find out they missed a pre-requisite requirement or forgot to obtain a particular document. Often this can result in a loss of funding or the need for many more hours of work to submit corrections, requests for waiver or submission of appeals. The majority of the paperwork burden now shifts to EFG which submits your paperwork timely and accurately. Clients review all forms before they are submitted.


E-rate Experience

EFG has over 80 years of E-rate experience and over 130 years of experience in telecommunications, accounting, planning, and law. Since the beginning of E-rate, EFG’s staff has been involved in successfully bringing over $400 million in E-rate funding to schools and libraries.


Client Base

Educational Funding Group has clients in over 10 states. We service large school districts with over 30,000 students as well as schools with a single building and less than one hundred students. Our services are provided to large and small libraries, and both school and library consortiums.



References are available upon request.